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Chapters 2 & 3



Colin Baturč Colin Bature Born on Merseyside England, with a childhood moulded by Britain's 1950s and 60s. His father's Merchant Navy stories of Africa and distant lands ensured all the children of the family grew up with little else but thoughts of travel. Upon completion of an Engineering apprenticeship in the 1970s, the author only had desires of life outside the UK and before long headed out to Africa. On arrival in the glorious landlocked teapot shaped country now known as Zimbabwe, he knew a more wondrous place could never exist. This initial wonder provided an overwhelming sense of belonging that no place achieved before or since that day. Despite only a very short time living there, nowhere else ever felt like home. After the brief encounter of life in a country that would provide the reference of excellence for all those that followed, he continued to travel and make temporary home in a number of African States. Over a twenty-year period residing in many African and middle-east countries with frequent trips back in the UK. Employment during those years took the form of Engineering and Project Management roles, spending seemingly endless days, weeks, months and years battling with legislation, government officials, councillors, businessmen, bankers, self-appointed leaders, military representatives, and others to achieve harmony between all the parties involved in a variety of large multinational projects. Such travel, experiences and observations provided the material for many publications including the Political Indaba Resource, a book based on an insight into the basic problems that seem to recur in African politics and the solutions that are available for them.